Why Social Media is Important to Technical Writers

A long time ago...the world was created...and in this great world, there was a great order of communication with many laws. One law stated that engineers should not be allowed to speak to end-users and so, technical writers were born. Okay, that's not really how or why we were created. But the reality is, technical writers did come into existence because there was a gap between a user's ability to instantly understand a program or a product without…

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Managing a Global Team of Writers

I had the pleasure of presenting at TC World/TEKOM in Stuttgart last week. I've been to several international conferences in the last few years. In some cases, I was impressed; sometimes I was a bit disappointed. Often I felt very proud of our own conference here in Israel (MEGAComm). The audience in Stuttgart was respectful, interesting, engaging. It was interesting presenting to a global audience, discussing how global teams should work. Here's the presentation:  

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What Agile Brings to the Company…and to Documentation

An Agile environment offers many benefits (and challenges) to the company, to the technical writers, and to end-users. It is, without doubt, a challenge in and of itself because each sprint, each chunk of time between deliverables is much shorter than in a standard, non-Agile development cycle. Where once we planned 6-8 months ahead (and sometimes even longer), now we speak in intervals of two weeks to four weeks. We don't speak of dozens of new features, but…

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Scrum Resources

Over the last few months as we have watched one of our clients move to Agile, we've been asked by various project and product managers to help them figure out how documentation would function within their changing environment - the options were, at all times, relatively simple. In, out, alongside, after.... The complicated part was determining not what the options were, but which one would best serve the company and the end-users. During these discussions, we have used…

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