War and Technical Writing

The title seems particularly appropriate now, as Israel has just fought a relatively long and difficult war. I won't get into the politics of it - other than to say that I heard from many technical writers who found it difficult to work, to concentrate. Many were going to bomb shelters regularly during the work week as sirens sounded nearby. For me, a lot of the war was worrying about our soldiers and civilians, friends who live particularly…

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Next Technical Writing Course – Feb. 17th

WritePoint announces our next Technical Writing Course (Face2Face) will begin on February 17th. It's an exciting time to study a field that is gradually changing, along with the needs of our users. We've changed the curriculum a bit - as we always do - to highlight recent trends and changes in the industry and, as always, we'll be teaching the latest and the greatest. No other course in Israel goes into the mechanics of technical writing, no other…

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Rebranding Lessons

Rebranding is a great experience because what it does is force you to look at the company's documentation as a whole. Too often, we jump from product to product or document to document without relating to it as part of a larger package.

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RoboHelp 11 and the Fun of Beta-testing

Beta testing a new product is hard. If the product is a good one, it’s hard because you want to tell everyone. You work with a client and think to yourself, “gee, the new version solves that problem,” or “if you were using the beta version, it would have saved you HOURS!” I had the wonderful opportunity to beta test the upcoming release of Technical Communication Suite 5.0 and having used these tools for well over a decade,…

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