WritePoint has been planning, organizing, writing and publishing documents for a wide variety of companies all over Israel and even in the US, Europe and Asia. With that vast experience comes the ability to help others find the fail points that result in a less efficient workflow or less-than-ideal quality. What we spent over two decades learning, we now share with others.
We offering our knowledge, our experience, and our advice on how you can be more cost-effective, more efficient, and more productive. Sometimes this involves a change in tools, other times this might mean changing how you work. We look at many factors, including:

  • At what point do your writers get involved in the development process?
  • Do your DevOPPs teams work in Agile? Are you working correctly in the same work environment?
  • What outputs do you need? What tools are you using to generate these?
  • Are your deliverables meeting the needs of your end-users?
  • Does your documentation look like it was written 20 years ago? (And, what can you do to change that?)
Documentation Consultation

We ask the right questions to help you move past your current bottlenecks. The goals are defined together to help you to achieve greater efficiency, perhaps improve the deliverables. Ultimately our goal is to help your company achieve better results with a happier, more efficient workflow.

Looking at the Tools You Use

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as upgrading to a new version of your current tool. Sometimes it includes introducing a new authoring tool.  And sometimes, it’s about embracing a new tool that offers the right solution for your needs.  More than once we have found that simply by bringing in an outsider,  you are forced to re-evaluate, re-align and come to new conclusions. With our help, together we can pinpoint the failpoints and bring them to the attention of key decision makers in your company. 

Yes, sometimes it is worth bringing us in to validate the decision you know you need to make or the path that seems more complicated but you know is necessary. And, if it is necessary to move to a new authoring environment or upgrade your current one, WritePoint can offer customized training services focusing specifically on what your team needs to learn.

WritePoint helps you not only get your documentation workflow on the right path, we help you gain a better understanding of where you want to be and why, so that your documentation team delivers better results (e.g. faster, more efficient, more targeted to your end users).

Bringing more than 25 years of technical writing experience, more than a decade of consulting and management, WritePoint proves once again that we are the right point to make sure your documentation workflow optimizes your company’s available resources, knowledge and experience.

 Our rates are very reasonable and in only a few hours, we can help make a difference.