Latest Trends – Part 1

We’ve been meaning to write this next series for some time now and so, here goes. Where is technical writing? Have we reached the end of the road? If not, where are we going? What are the latest frontiers for tech writers?

Well, the first thing we’d like to say is that we firmly believe that so long as there are engineers speaking to end-users, the world will need technical writers. Just as engineers and users have changed, so too have technical writers and so, here are some of the topics we’d like to cover in terms of future trends. Stay tuned as we cover each one.

  • Globalization – not just localization or translation, but true globalization
  • A change in the way we write, what we write, why we write and to whom we write
  • Deliverables – this is likely to be several posts and will discuss:
    • Mobile documentation
    • Video documentation
    • Dynamic content that the user can filter as needed
    • WIKIs
    • Corporate blogging and technical blogging
    • Embedded help

We’ll probably add more topics along the way but we’re excited to present this latest round of posts…