Important Note

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and changes in hi-tech work location/schedule, WGIP is currently on-hold. We hope to reinstate the program in full at our earliest possible opportunity.

The WritePoint Graduate Internship Program (WGIP) was designed to accomplish the following:

For our graduates:

  • Provide them with their first real experience in the hi-tech world, working on real documentation projects.
  • Provide an “in” to some of Israel’s largest companies so that they have the opportunity to show what they have learned and expand on it.

For hi-tech companies:

  • Provide an opportunity to work with entry-level technical writers who have been trained in all the major tools of the industry.
  • Provide a cost-effective solution for meeting new talent and cover the initial training period where cost of training is offset by a lower salary.
  • “Test Drive” a potential employee and pay less for the experience. During this time, if you aren’t satisfied with the initial candidate, WritePoint will offer alternative candidates.

WGIP Program Details

Term of internship: 3 months (negotiable – can be slightly shorter or longer).

Tasks: Must be related to technical writing (can be in related fields such as editing, graphics, etc.). These are trained writers who should be given tasks that match their skills.

Work period: Daily, onsite work (can be 4 or 5 days per week, can include remote work).

Cost: Company pays WritePoint Ltd. a monthly or hourly rate for the internship period, with an option to hire the intern during or after the internship period for a referral fee of 70% of a standard monthly wage. The intern is paid approximately 80% of the fee paid by the company to WritePoint during the internship period.

Mentoring: WritePoint offers mentoring services at a reduced rate for up to 10% of the monthly work period. This includes answering all questions, editing documents before they are released, and giving feedback to the WGIP participant to improve their skills. Above 10%, the company will be billed at standard WritePoint rates.

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