According to the instructions of the Israel Consumer Council, we are detailing our Course Conditions here. Please read all conditions carefully. You will be asked to sign the registration form, confirming that you have read these conditions and agreed to the terms detailed below. 

Our Technical Writing Course is offered based on payment made in full by students. No certificate is issued to a student until payment is made in full and WritePoint reserves the right to withhold some or all of the remaining services in response to non-payment of owed balances.

Payment terms may vary (credit card, bank transfer, or post-dated checks), etc. and should be confirmed with the office. WritePoint reserves the right to change the number of payments offered at any time, and without warning. Once offered, WritePoint will stand by the conditions it has offered.

Misrad Haklita:

Misrad Haklita often has a “voucher program” with which it offers retraining to new immigrants (often limited to those who moved to Israel within the last 5 years (sometimes last 10 years). The terms of the program are defined by Misrad Haklita and/or other ministries and is not within the power of WritePoint to define or change. We have no official agreement with Misrad Haklita, though for most of the time we have been running the course, they have recognized our course and offered this subsidy to our students.

We work with eligible students, providing all relevant documentation for those wishing to apply for Misrad Haklita subsidies. However, ultimately the student is responsible for payment in full to WritePoint, regardless of any payment received or not received by Misrad Haklita and/or any other external organization, agency, individual, etc.. Responsibility to complete the course rests with the students. Certification will only take place upon the successful completion of all sessions and assignments.

Session Updates:

WritePoint is dedicated to keeping the sessions as relevant, current, and appropriate to current software versions being used in the market. This means that you may see a session about version 7 (for example) of some application, despite the fact that the vendor has released versions 8 and 9. This may be because version 7 is still widely being used. At times, we may skip you to a session later in the course to allow us time to complete a series of sessions and then have you backtrack. You can, if you prefer, continue with the session from the older version.

As new versions or trends or topics become more relevant in the technical writing industry, individual sessions will be updated and will replace current sessions. This does not mean that you are getting “old” material or material that “needs to be fixed” but that it is time to update. When this happens, we may offer you the option of seeing the newly recorded session (even if you have seen the current session). This does not mean that the current session is inadequate, nor does it give any student a right to withhold payment or demand a refund. In signing up for the course, you accept that you will receive the full course as it currently exists.

You have the right, once you sign up and begin taking sessions, to request previous sessions that you have already viewed. However, once you have seen the last session, you no longer have rights to see older sessions (we do sometimes make exceptions so long as we have not updated the current session to an updated version release. This means, if you finished the last session of the course while our sessions focused on Adobe FrameMaker 2019, for example, then you would not be eligible to see the updated sessions for FrameMaker’s next release.

At no time is the fact that a session is about to be updated an admission that any part of the course is currently lacking or irrelevant. In most cases, even when software versions are updated, existing features are still relevant. What changes, typically, is the location or access of that command, rather than functionality.

Copyright Issues:

WritePoint retains full copyrights on ALL course materials – slides, coursebooks, homework assignments, files sent by email, etc. Use of these materials is strictly forbidden outside the framework of the class. You are not permitted to share the slides, the videos, courseware, etc. with anyone and WritePoint deserves the right to demand compensation of at least 20,000 NIS (without prejudice) for any instance in which these terms are broken.

You are not allowed to copy the slides, even for your own personal use. During the duration of the course, WritePoint will provide you with unlimited access to the sessions. Once Session 28 has been sent to you, WritePoint reserves the right to consider that you have completed the course and can, at its own discretion, stop sending you further sessions (though in practice, we usually only do this once you have completed all assignments.

If a student is found to be copying the slides and/or sharing sessions or slides with others, WritePoint has the right to terminate your participation in the class without any refund or compensation to you. This may be considered compensation for copyright violation or WritePoint has the right to seek both criminal and civil damages.

Refund Policy

We refund 75% if you cancel registration BEFORE you receive the third session.

Without exceptions, after FOUR sessions have been attended (or emailed for OnDemand students), no refunds will be made.

Once course materials (printed materials, for example) are given (mailed or handed) to students, no refund is made as the course materials cover nearly 100% of the course content in one form or another and once sent (emailed, mailed, and/or presented), the number of sessions attended becomes irrelevant. While we usually send the course materials after the third session has been completed, this time is subject to change as we often send them out in groups. This may mean, for some students, that they will receive the books even as late as the fifth session, or as early as the second. If we send the books before the third session, we will still honor the three session limit (though we reserve the right to decrease the refund to 50%, rather than 75% as listed above) on the condition that the books are returned to WritePoint with a signed note confirming that they have not been duplicated or shared with others in any format.

Joining the course indicates that you accept this return policy and understand them in full. Please ask us to clarify if anything is not clear.

Payment Terms:

  • Full payment in the form of post-dated checks or credit card, cash, or bank transfer must be made before any sessions are sent or attended.
  • For refunds for payments made by credit card (see above), any refund includes a deduction of credit card costs.
  • If a student gives checks and then asks WritePoint to hold a check, the following conditions apply:
    • WritePoint may, at its own discretion agree to hold a check beyond the date of the check. If WritePoint agrees to hold the check, under no circumstances will the check be held beyond 90 days.
    • Holding one check from being deposited does not imply an automatic agreement any further check.
    • WritePoint has designated Payment Levels. This means that at any particular time, we expect to have been paid a certain percentage of the full fees relative to the number of sessions the student can attend or receive by email. If a student does not reach the Payment Level at any particular time, WritePoint reserves the right to withhold further sessions until such time as the next Payment Level is reached to cover the requested session.
    • Under no circumstances will WritePoint issue a Certificate of Completion (or offer additional services such as working to find the student employment, acting as a reference, etc.) until such time as payment has been received in full.
    • The minute we hold one check, we reserve the right to withhold further sessions until the check is deposited or replacement payment has been made.

Transferring Participation: 

Under no circumstances can participation in the course be transferred from one individual to another.

Response time:

We do our best to respond to inquiries about the course as quickly as possible. If you do not receive a timely response, please call our office: 058-4006640.

Session requests (for the online course) are usually responded to within 2 business days (not including the day the request is sent). In general, the dedicated email account for session requests is checked once per day and therefore we do not count that day in the response time. If you do not use the dedicated email address given to you in the first session, we cannot guarantee response time. When enrolled in the class, it is vital that you use specific emails for homework, mentor, getting new sessions etc.  We are not responsible for any delays caused by students using incorrect email accounts.

Response time can be longer for sending sessions over weekends, holidays, etc. but students are encouraged to use this time to review previous sessions and work on homework assignments.

Response time for homework assignments varies depending on the length of the assignment, the queue in the homework account, and the quality of the work being turned in. We spend a lot of time working on every assignment and make many, many comments and we cannot control the volume of homework at any given time. Certain assignments take us much longer to review based on their complexity and the length of the document submitted. We estimate that a student will write approximately 40-45 pages during the time they are enrolled in the class, but if a student writes longer documents per assignment, a higher overall page total might be reached.

When comments are given, the student is expected to correct the homework and resubmit. Note that the mentors do not intentionally mark all errors in the homework – it is expected that the student will understand that comments need to be applied throughout the document before resubmitting.

One final comment:

As we explain in the course, we run the sessions as interactions between a tech writer and an engineer or subject matter expert (SME). That means that the instructors are like engineers; the students play the role of technical writers. As “engineers” do not run after students to send in homework (deliver a document). If you choose to take the course and only watch the sessions but do not turn in homework, we will not be able to assist in finding you employment. If you do not complete the terms of the course (watch all sessions) and/or do the homework assignments, WritePoint cannot provide you with certification that you have completed the course.

An engineer will not run after a technical writers to get them to turn in documents: and we do not run after students to do their homework. You must be motivated; you must know how to manage your time. We will always answer your questions and help…when you ask for assistance. We are committed to helping you succeed.


If a student stops studying for a period of 6 months or more, WritePoint reserves the right to terminate any possibility of continuing and can insist on the student starting again with the first session. If a period of 9 months or more since the last session was sent/attended, WritePoint reserves the right to end the student’s enrollment as a WritePoint student and WritePoint’s obligation will be considered as having been delivered in full without any further warning. No further notice beyond this announcement is required. If the student contacts WritePoint requesting a break for personal reasons, WritePoint will consider this request and respond within 7 business days. Without written permission, no student is entitled to continue the course if more than 6 months have passed between sessions; and at 9 months from the last session, the student is considered to have withdrawn from the course entirely. Finally, all sessions and work must be completed within an 18 month period from the date the student received the first session. If after 18 months the student has not completed the course, WritePoint  will be viewed as having fulfilled all obligations and service requirements.

WritePoint has no obligation to initiate contact. This is the obligation of the student and as such, students are encouraged to contact WritePoint if a “freeze” is required (for example, for maternity agreement, family situation, etc.). While WritePoint is not obligated to agree to freeze these conditions, WritePoint agrees to consider the request and as much as possible in each situation (based on many factors including, but not limited to our current student participation amount and other demands on our time and resources), to accommodate the request. Under no circumstances, will WritePoint accept more than one “freeze” request per student.

This page was created on March 4, 2013 and has been updated as required.

Last updated: Last updated February 20, 2022.

Terms are subject to change; speak to our office to ensure you have the most current course information. It is your responsibility to check this page regularly while you are enrolled. In all cases, we will honor the conditions sent to you when you completed the registration form. Any exceptions to these rules must be authorized by WritePoint.