Social media can make or break the success of a company or individual in their goals to gain attention and promote themselves. A potential employee who has not invested in their LinkedIn presence is unlikely to succeed (at least in the hi-tech industry). And a company that does not have an active presence on the Internet will similarly be dismissed.

WritePoint helps train your team in how best to combine and use social media platforms. But long before you begin tweeting and posting, you need to create a strategy, networks, measurable milestones, and more.  Here too, WritePoint can help. It isn’t enough to simply have numbers of followers. Today’s world is more discerning and the quality of the networks you build is what counts.

Our courses are presented as individual modules as well as in adaptable combinations. Contact us for details of each course by writing to or calling  +972 58 4006640.

WritePoint’s social media courses include:

  • An introduction to social media concepts
  • Steps for building your social media strategy
  • Creating meaningful and successful profiles
  • How to build a network (on each platform)
  • Professional blogging and website design
  • WordPress training
  • Analytics and measurable milestones
  • SEO Principles
  • Accepted rules that work
WritePoint gained its social media experience over years of promoting various companies and causes. We have built Twitter accounts that have over 10,000 followers, LinkedIn profiles with thousands of connections, Facebook accounts that have maxed out the accounts and blogs that average over 2,000 people per day visting. Let us help you build your presence on the web. We offer social media services and training.

About the Instructor

Paula Stern is the main designer and instructor for WritePoint’s social media track. She began blogging on a personal level in 2007, creating the very popular blog A Soldier’s Mother. In learning to promote the blog, Paula extended her working knowledge of social media trends and practices, bringing her Twitter account to over 12,000 followers, her Facebook account to over 4,500 friends and her Linkedin account to nearly 5,000 professional contacts. Her blog averaged 1,500-2,000 visits per day and a period of time, over 10,000 per day.

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