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The WritePoint Technical Writing Course is now available in both the traditional Face2Face version and OnDemand. 

The OnDemand version of the course includes the same materials as the Face2Face but is delivered as a combination of videos, monthly meetings with the instructors (recommended) and direct and personalized feedback on every assignment. You can begin the OnDemand at any time and work according to your own pace and schedule. 

Goals and Objectives: There are hundreds of hi-tech and low-tech companies that require some form of documentation in English (and other languages as well). Twenty years ago, anyone with a fairly decent command of the English language could enter this field.  Today, this is no longer the case, The hi-tech industry as a whole is far more sophisticated today and the requirements for entry-level writers has risen considerably. Writers must be able to create a wide variety of document types in a wide variety of formats, and be prepared to work with specialized tools BEFORE they are given the opportunity to show their personal skills.

WritePoint’s Technical Writing Course has been recognized as one of the best in Israel, providing all the training you need to work effectively and correctly as a technical writer. In a bad economy, you need all the help you can get to provide you with that critical edge. WritePoint’s course provides this valuable advantage with the longest and most in-depth course – now available globally thanks to our Face2Face course in Jerusalem AND our OnDemand course.

Including instruction and hands-on-training, we provide more than 150 hours of instruction; personal training; extensive, custom-written hand-outs written for the course; access to all lectures on video; and much more.

Skills Taught: A brief overview of the skills we will be teaching includes:

  • Basics of technical writing – how to correctly and efficiently write user manuals, installation guides, etc. – for both hardware and software. How to formulate procedures, effectively write introductions, what belongs in a document and what does not, how to present information, etc.
  • Learning the tools you need to create documents. These include Word as the basis (although most people know Word to some degree, we will be taking that knowledge to a much higher level in order to enable you to successfully create effective documentation) and several other authoring tools.
  • Learning the tools you need to take these documents online: We will focus on the theory and the practice of creating online help and single-sourcing with RoboHelp (intro to Flare) and several other tools currently used in our field.
  • We will introduce the various industries where a technical writer works (medical, telecommunications, imaging, etc.) and give an overview of what you need to know in order to find work in these fields.

Topics Covered: The skills that we teach will be taught through the following subjects:

  • Introduction to the field of Technical Writing
  • Types of Documents
  • The Documentation Process
  • All facets for creating user manuals, installation guides, and several other industry-standard documentation
  • Mastering Word (Word 2016 and higher) at both beginner and advanced levels
  • Editing for Technical Writers
  • Documenting Hardware/Software (differences and similarities)
  • Working with graphics
  • Adobe Acrobat – beyond the button you press to create PDF
  • Good and bad Technical Writing Examples to learn from…
  • Single-Sourcing
  • Help Development
  • Discussions of other tools and types of documents we encounter as technical writers

Technology Add-on: This series of lectures has now been incorporated into the course. It is designed to provide students with the basic information that is needed in many of the companies in Israel today. The series covers the following topics  (and more):

  • Green Technology
  • Basic Electronics
  • Networking
  • Basic System Architecture
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Imaging
  • Programming Environments
  • Web-based Principles
  • Standards Institutes

Course Length: Approx 150 hours plus project work and in-session hands-on practice

Requirements: The following are the entry requirements to the course:

  • Above-average command of English
  • Basic computer skills
  • Good organizational ability
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to ask questions
  • Desire to learn new things
  • Ability to work within a deadline
  • Above average “people skills”
  • Attention to detail

Certification:  Students who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate from WritePoint that is recognized industry-wide. Success includes completion of all the assignments and attending 100% of the classes in person or via video. We make the OnDemand course available to our Face2Face students as needed.

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