The WritePoint Technical Writing course gave me more than writing skills and practical experience with the necessary software tools. I also receive aid in job placement and ongoing support. After I completed the WritePoint Technical Writing course, I could write technical information such that a reader could use that information for the intended purpose. I learned to write all the different types of technical documents. Thus, I had a full portfolio to show prospective employers. When I took the WritePoint Technical Writing, I had not completed the course when WritePoint scheduled (with my approval) a job interview. Although the interview process occurred over a period of a month, it became necessary for me to quickly complete the course to start work. I have also received ongoing support from WritePoint. After I completed the WritePoint Technical Writing course, I had the basic skills to use the primary Help Authoring Tools. But WritePoint has been available to give solutions to interfaces problem that arose. I have also used WritePoint to look for new work. The WritePoint Technical Writing course prepared me to become a technical writer. After I completed the WritePoint Technical Writing course, I had the skills and the confidence to be a successful technical writer. ❞
Michael Sklarewitz Technical Writing Course Graduate
Michael Sklarewitz
Technical Writer

I… just wanted to thank you for helping me enter the Technical Writing profession. After almost a year and a half at Comverse, I literally find myself thanking G-D for this opportunity almost every day on my way to the office. I am working in a wonderful environment with even more wonderful people. I feel very fortunate and since I would not have been here without you, I figured a thank you is in order.❞​
Hillel Fuld Technical Writing Course Graduate
Hillel Fuld

I took the WritePoint technical writing course and was pleased with the way the course prepared me. It is a very "hands-on" course which teaches you about writing, editing, and the programs which are used in the marketplace. The instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced. They present the material very well. As with anything else, what you get out of the course reflects what you put into it. It is important to attend class, do the homework, and spend extra time working with the various programs.❞
Nanci Miller
Documentation Manager

The WritePoint technical writing course really covers all the bases. It gives you a solid grounding in technical writing style and technique, and provides a thorough introduction to the most popular authoring and graphics tools. The assignments are meaningful, and really help the students develop solid portfolios. The instructors also share their experiences in the field, explaining how technical writers get the information they need to get the job done, and Paula works hard to make the classes a lot of fun. WritePoint placed me in a major hi-tech firm as soon as I was ready to enter the field. They helped with finding the right position and negotiating terms, and were there along the way with ongoing help and advice. I will always be grateful to Paula and WritePoint for giving me my start in my new profession.❞
Jeffery Aftel Technical Writing Course graduate
Jeff Aftel
Head of Documentation

I had experience in marketing and communications writing from previous jobs, but I was hired at my company because they wanted a manual done. I was able to really impress them by taking the test they sent me, which was to write a piece of their manual. The work I did in previous jobs helped (PR and teaching English), but the WritePoint course was the icing on the cake.❞
Tamar Weiss Technical Writing Course graduate
Tamar Weiss
Marketing and Technical Writer

Paula's Technical Writing courses at WritePoint are comprehensive, focused and current. WritePoint taught me exactly what I needed to know to get started, the curriculum was well planned and executed, and we learned the latest Technical Writing methodologies and technologies. The principles and practices I learned in Paula's classes are invaluable in my everyday work. It helps to be trained by one of the most respected experts in the field.❞
Yossi Karp
Technical Writing Team Leader

I recently completed the Technical Writing course at WritePoint. Soon after completing the course I was able to secure a full-time job as a technical writer in a reputable software company.❞
Shoshana Rosensweig
Marketing and Technical Writer

It's quite hard to do justice to someone like Paula. Her name is synonymous with all that's good about tech writing in Israel and know throughout the land. Over the years, besides her own work, Paula has pushed the Israel TW community to challenge and improve itself as well as representing what we do in international organizations. By organizing professional events and forums, Paula has ensured that we are educated about the latest trends and have access to industry thought leaders.❞
Yehonatan (Yoni) Palmer
Documentation Team Lead