Long ago, WritePoint realized that professional tools provide each of us with the invaluable ability to do our jobs better, more efficiently, more quickly. The right tool in the trained hands of a professional writer helps everyone. For an individual, the more tools you know, the more marketable you are. For a company, tools save time. Sometimes, a lot of time.

WritePoint’s writers are known for their expertise in a number of industry-standard tools. We also provide well-respected training in most of today’s applications. One of the main reasons for this success is the simple fact that we are never “just” trainers – we use these tools on a regular basis and have, over time, built successful relationships with the companies and even sometimes the actual developers behind these tools.

tool Training

Training is available for these tools:

  • RoboHelp: 2-day training
  • FrameMaker: 3-day training
  • WordPress: 2-day training
  • ClickSoft: 1-day training
  • Flare: 2-day training
  • Gitbook: Half day training
  • Microsoft Word: 2-day training

Each course has its own set of topics but the goal of each training is to make you proficient and comfortable with the tool. In each case, we begin with the basic workflow and then expand to include more advanced topics. Often, we customize a course for the specific needs and levels of your employees. 

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A sample of some of the many companies for whom we have proudly trained employees over the years: