Paula Stern

Paula Stern, CEO

Paula Stern is the founder and CEO of WritePoint Ltd. She's also the Lead Instructor and one of the designers of the WritePoint Technical Writing Course, the longest-running, most in-depth technical writing course in Israel. As the founder and President of tekom Israel, Paula is dedicated to connecting the Israeli technical writing community with our colleagues in Europe, Asia and the Americas. She's also the Coordinator of the annual MEGAComm conference and the list owner of Techshoret, the leading technical writing list in Israel.

Lazer Stern, CTO

Lazer Stern is a senior technical writer and the CTO of WritePoint Ltd. Lazer works as the Documentation Manager of a cybersecurity company in Israel, while leading our software and hardware sales operations. He has extensive experience writing complex documentation, single-sourcing, and UX writing. He graduated from Columbia University with a MSc degree in engineering. His background and worked as a design engineer and a programmer for many years adds tremendously to his skilwrils as a very technical technical writer.

Amira L. Frij, Strategic Planning Manager

Amira Frij trained in Business Consultantion and Digital Marketing. At WritePoint, she is responsible for developing new business angles and opportunities. She graduated from Hebrew University with a double-major in psychology and statistics and has several years of experience building and managing online communities. Amira helps coordinate the annual MEGAComm Conference and regularly focuses on outreach for the WritePoint Technical Writing course in Israel and abroad.

Eli Stern, CFO

Eli Stern is the CFO and Logistics Manager of WritePoint Ltd., responsible for managing the financial interactions between clients, employees and accountants. Eli is responsible for managing all logistical issues related to the WritePoint office and the MEGAComm Conferences., interacting with suppliers and customers, and handling all financial and accounting areas. Eli joined WritePoint shortly after finishing his service in the IDF, where he was a Commander in the Artillery Division.

Haim Frij, Videographer and Webmaster

Haim Frij is an accomplished videographer and the founder of Aleph Focus Videography & Photography. In addition to his expertise in creating and editing videos, he also has an extensive background building websites, primarily in WordPress, and photographing both professional and personal events. Haim is responsible for managing and updating the WritePoint website and several other sites that are critical to WritePoint's ongoing business branches.

WritePoint is a dynamic growing company dedicated to serving its customers and promoting the images of technical writers (technical communicators) around the globe. Our writers include some of the most senior writers in Israel as well as some of the newest, most junior members of our community. We have translators, graphic artists, a marketing writer, a photographer/videographer and a Business Consultant as well. Our team represents a cohesive group of dedicated professionals working to promote the companies and customers they work with to deliver a quality product, on time, and within budget. 

In 2005, WritePoint saw a critical need in the market and opened the WritePoint Technical Writing Course. It was, and is, the single most in-depth, focused, comprehensive Technical Writing Course available. Hundreds of today’s senior and junior technical writers, and documentation managers owe their start to this course. Over the years, WritePoint has hired dozens of its own students and is proud to note that all major competitors are quick to seek out and hire WritePoint students.

WritePoint is proud to be an Adobe partner, selling and training writers to use the Adobe Technical Communications Suite of tools (RoboHelp, FrameMaker, etc.) and contiues to seek out and represent other industry vendors in sales anas well and welcomes the opportunity to discuss further resales options with other vendors.

Finally, for the last 16 years, the WritePoint team has worked long hours to host MEGAComm, the annual hi tech professional conference that has, in the last two years, taken place online. MEGAComm is the largest single event for technical writers in the Middle East and this year welcomed technical writers from more than 15 countries.