Localization and globalization are two very important things that most companies strive for. They are also very different. 

Localization is about translating your software, your marketing materials, technical materials and other assets to another language. But more than that, it is about a level of quality that makes it virtually indistinguishable from a product created specifically for the local market. Localizations means using talented translators who understand the cultural nuances of the language into which they translate.

Globalization is the act of adding more and more languages into which your product is localized. Well managed hi-tech companies create a strategy for globalizing to maximize their outreach in areas where they have the infrastructure to promote and sustain sales. There is no logic in localizing a product for a market beyond your sales reach. And so, localization and globalization join together to define the internalization of your products and services.

Where does WritePoint come into this master strategy? The answer is as early as possible. WritePoint’s writers are trained to write properly, to consider and minimize translation costs. We work directly with our key translation partners to offer our customers unparalleled support and success. Recently we completed a huge localization project for one of our clients which included translating thousands of pages of legacy documentation to meet international standardization requirements. 

If you have a large localization project, contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you to minimize cost and maximize success.