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MEGAComm Analytics

Well, MEGAComm 2022 is behind us. It was, in numbers, simply glorious. One of the really fun things about the amazing Accelevents platform is that it provides the organizers with a whole Analytics dashboard to entertain us and hopefully you as well.

With just under 300 participants, here are a few statistics you might find amazing (we do!):

  • 98% of all attendees signed in (yeah, we’re still trying to figure out what happened to the other 2%)
  • There were 47 different sessions that took place over 3 wonderful days
  • ClickHelp led the exhibitors in terms of the most visits to their booth
  • During the networking sessions, there were 875 total matches made
  • There were 667 visits to the various lounges
  • Other than the Track lounges which held post-session discussions, the most visited lounge was the Let’s Shmooze lounge
  • In addition to attending sessions, an average of 15.26 sessions were watched (.26?)

MEGAComm Attendees

  • 24.928% of the attendees were from outside of Israel.
  • We had people from 15 countries.
  • 11 people attended from the US – representing every time zone in the US. For what it’s worth, we also had every time zone in Europe and Israel covered too!
  • The person with the longest last name, had 24 letters in it!
  • Two people who “traveled” the farthest to attend, came 10,970 (6,816.4 kilometers) at attend, crossing 10 time zones to attend (thank you, Tom Johnson and Jack Wilson!).
  • The company that sent the most attendees was Dell, bringing employees from 5 different countries! A close second, was BMC! We thank both companies!
  • The company that has sponsored MEGAComm the most times continues to be Adobe TechComm, and we thank them as well!
  • Number of presenters with Covid? As far as we know, there were two.
  • Number of infections caused by attending MEGAComm, we’re hoping none!

And some more platform fun…a week after the conference ended, there are 23 people on the website right now (at 10:43 p.m. on a Thursday night!)

And I think that qualifies as a successful conference!

With thanks, again, to our sponsors:

Zoomin – Paligo – Adobe – Techsmith

MadCap – ClickHelp

WritePoint – Loud and Clear!