Managing a Global Team of Writers

I had the pleasure of presenting at TC World/TEKOM in Stuttgart last week. I've been to several international conferences in the last few years. In some cases, I was impressed; sometimes I was a bit disappointed. Often I felt very proud of our own conference here in Israel (MEGAComm). The audience in Stuttgart was respectful, interesting, engaging. It was interesting presenting to a global audience, discussing how global teams should work. Here's the presentation:  

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War and Technical Writing

The title seems particularly appropriate now, as Israel has just fought a relatively long and difficult war. I won't get into the politics of it - other than to say that I heard from many technical writers who found it difficult to work, to concentrate. Many were going to bomb shelters regularly during the work week as sirens sounded nearby. For me, a lot of the war was worrying about our soldiers and civilians, friends who live particularly…

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Israel’s Hi-tech – Building Tomorrow

For a variety of reasons (we moved offices - now located at Rechov Yaffo 97 - Klal Building in the center of Jerusalem; some medical issues; a lot of personal stuff, even some national), we've been offline in terms of the blog for a while. A baby later for one, new grandchild for another, an operation for another, three successful projects in a ridiculously short period of time for yet another writer, and finally a month of holidays,…

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Choosing a Tool – Defining the Options (Part 5)

More in the series: Choosing a Tool For many years, I have worked with hi-tech companies, creating their documentation and/or online help using a variety of industry-standard tools. In recent weeks, two companies have asked me to help evaluate their current and expected future needs to determine the best tool for them. Once we had defined the company's current status and requirements, it was time to define the potential solutions. In some cases, listing a tool was a…

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