Marketing Communications Course

We have an amazing MARCOM course beginning in Jerusalem and in Yokneam in June. The courses offer an excellent balance on on-line and off-line channels of communication.

Following is a breakdown of sessions – you can sign up for all or part of the course, as it was intentionally designed as a modular offering:

  • The Mystique of MarCom – What is MarCom, Marketing Principles
  • The Market is a Jungle – Market Segmentation, Target Audiences, etc.
  • The Medium is the Massage” – Media, Print, Electronic, etc.
  • Grabbing Attention – Presentations, Proposals, Product Packaging, Merchandising, Corporate Communications, Branding, and Image.
  • Relationships – Public Relations, Investor Relations, Community Relations, Media Relations.
  • Sponsorship – Value, Sports, Community, etc.
  • Writing for MarCom – Brochures, Press Releases, Copywriting, Marketing Documentation, Proposals, Interview Techniques. (2 sessions)
  • Writing for Cyberspace – Web Sites, Blogs, Web 2.0.
  • Social Media – the tools, the successes, the implementation
  • Web 2.0 and Beyond – The Future of Social Networking.
  • Design – Design Studios, Graphics, Packing, Designing for Web, Print, Movies, Program Overview.
  • The Craftsman in You – Tools, Programs, Hints and Tips.
  • .In the Spotlight – Trade shows, Exhibitions, Conference and Seminar Planning.
  • Public Speaking and Fighting the Fear – How to Deliver Presentations, Address Groups, etc.
  • Lost in Translation – Cross Cultural Communication
  • Managing MarCom – Budgeting, Reporting, Time Management, etc.
  • The Art of Printing – History, Modern Techniques, Requirements, etc.
  • Getting a Job.and Keeping it – CVs, Interviewing Techniques, Work Ethics, Freelance vs. Employee.

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