Next Technical Writing Course – Feb. 17th

WritePoint announces our next Technical Writing Course (Face2Face) will begin on February 17th. It's an exciting time to study a field that is gradually changing, along with the needs of our users. We've changed the curriculum a bit - as we always do - to highlight recent trends and changes in the industry and, as always, we'll be teaching the latest and the greatest. No other course in Israel goes into the mechanics of technical writing, no other…

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Rebranding Lessons

Rebranding is a great experience because what it does is force you to look at the company's documentation as a whole. Too often, we jump from product to product or document to document without relating to it as part of a larger package.

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Being Human in a Technical World

I've had several meetings with new clients over the last few weeks and in almost every case, as I leave, I think to myself - I liked them. Technical writing is a job, a career even. What it shouldn't be - ever - is your whole life. Pretty much every meeting I go to begins with those few minutes of socializing - in Hebrew, or in English, it doesn't really matter. What is important is that the company…

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Olim and Technical Writing

Once upon a time, a company put out an advertisement that lasted all of 5 minutes before it was ridiculed out of existence. The ad said, "If you speak English, you can be a technical writer." There is so much more to being a technical writer than needing a high level of English. Yes, if you plan to write in English, your level of English must not only be mother-tongue, but perhaps even higher. You have to have…