Next Technical Writing Course – Feb. 17th

WritePoint announces our next Technical Writing Course (Face2Face) will begin on February 17th. It’s an exciting time to study a field that is gradually changing, along with the needs of our users. We’ve changed the curriculum a bit – as we always do – to highlight recent trends and changes in the industry and, as always, we’ll be teaching the latest and the greatest.

No other course in Israel goes into the mechanics of technical writing, no other course comes close to training you on the applications most common in the industry. Our trainers are recognized experts in the field – dedicated to our students.

Others have copied our methods; no one has copied our results!

For more information, write to: seminars @

If you can’t take a Face2Face course (Monday and Wednesdays from 10:00 to 3:00 p.m.), you can sign up for our OnDemand course – a unique blend of videos, and interactive feedback with instructors!