We finished our 14th course last week and just two days later, one of the students wrote to tell us that she had found a job. It doesn't get much better than that, it really doesn't. Congratulations to our new graduating students and an early welcome to our next group - starting February 6th.

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Meet new technical writing talent and save money too

WritePoint offers the most in-depth technical writing course available in Israel - 150 hours+ of real training in the tools technical writers need - RoboHelp, FrameMaker, Word, graphics and more. WritePoint graduates make excellent entry level employees, and with the WritePoint Graduate Internship Program (WGIP), employers can "test drive" the newest talent in the field at significant cost savings. How does it work? You provide a daily, on-site, three-month professional assignment in technical writing, editing, graphics, etc. for…

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Marketing Communications Course

We have an amazing MARCOM course beginning in Jerusalem and in Yokneam in June. The courses offer an excellent balance on on-line and off-line channels of communication. Following is a breakdown of sessions - you can sign up for all or part of the course, as it was intentionally designed as a modular offering: The Mystique of MarCom - What is MarCom, Marketing Principles The Market is a Jungle - Market Segmentation, Target Audiences, etc. "The Medium is the Massage" - Media, Print,…

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