Exciting Things Happening at WritePoint

It’s nice to have a place where we can share what is happening with our company and the latest developments. For one thing – we’ve really moved more into the area of matching technical writers with companies needing this service. Mainly, our service differs because, once again, we’ve studied the competition and learned the lessons.

Our new Technical and Marketing Recruiter, Dr. Rivkah Lampert Adler, has had many years of experience working in adult education and placement. We’re so happy to have her join our staff. She’s focusing now on two main areas – WGIP – the WritePoint Graduate Internship Program and working with more experienced writers who are looking for long-term work.

In addition to the employment and outsourcing avenues, WritePoint is moving north – well, let’s say we’re expanding north. We are working to put together our first Technical Writing Course in Yokneam – same exciting course, new location!

We’ve taken on some new clients for project work and are in the midst of documenting three new technologies that are going to hit the world of hi-tech soon!

We’re also pushing out DITA conversion services – more and more companies are realizing the effectiveness of single-sourcing and as a vendor-neutral DITA partner, we evaluate what you need for your documentation, and then help you make it happen!

Finally, in addition to all of the above, we’re beginning to gear up for next year’s annual convention. WritePoint has been a key factor in the Techshoret annual conferences since we began five years ago. Our next conference – our sixth – will be bigger and better than ever. We already have one major international help development company on board and are working to have others represented there as well.

That’s probably enough for a short post. Mainly, as we enter the “down” summer months, WritePoint looks forward to a really exciting summer. Our first Summer Intensive Technical Writing Course will begin July 3. This is the full 150 hour program – crammed into 2 information-filled months. We’ll be meeting three times a week instead of 2 but it gives people a chance to focus on this important career move.

For those looking for entry-technical writers – we can already tell that the registration is amazing and the quality of those taking the course is very high! If you need entry level technical writers starting in September – there’s just no better place to come than WriteP0int.