Ladies’ Service

We are looking for an insurance policy for one of our company cars.

While investigating options and prices, we came across a special service for women. For free, they will come and change a flat tire, no matter where you are in Israel, no matter where your car breaks down. If a woman calls to request the service, it is free. A man will be charged.

I wondered about how this translates into discrimination or reverse discrimination. But today, as we called yet another company, we were told they too have a service for changing flat tires. It is called “Ladies’ Service” and it is free for women. Not to be outdone, wishing to offer better service and value than their competitors, this Ladies’ Service comes with a twist, it is also free for men.

There is a lesson to be learned here for technical writers. I’m sure there is. Our end-users have become so accustomed to poor documentation that it has become a way of life. Accuracy, consistency, the backbone of our industry. These are being lost in everyday life. I believe it is our task to return documentation to this standard – perhaps we can begin with the car insurance company – how about “Road Service” or “Tire Service” or “Tire Changing Service” or similar?