Future of Technical Writing with Miriam Lottner of Tech Tav

Hi everyone,

I’m live blogging from inside Miriam Lottner’s session at the TCC on the future of technical writing. Her focus is on where we were, where we are, and how we move into the future. Some interesting points here, many actually.

She is talking about emerging technologies. She talked about Geisha Hadasha – that’s what customers are looking for. We are  all on the social networks such as Twitter and Facebook – this is new and exciting technology.

Miriam says our users don’t want to  see long scrolling HTML files. Video is hot and cool. People generally let videos finished – even if the user minimizes the screen, they still leave the audio on.

The old workflow doesn’t really work anymore. Maybe the SME could have direct contact with the customer – via a blog. So we might answer, but the SME’s English isn’t great. So, Miriam suggests, that is your job. The room has so many people here – all interested in ways to improve our skills. Anyway you can connect to a user is very important. Facebook – etc. – users aren’t isolated anymore. We need to connect to where the real end users are – they are on Facebook, they are blogging, etc.

Look at WinWriters convention – wow, says Miriam, this is how you connect to your users!

If you are an out of work technical writer – you should be blogging and twittering and Facebooking and being OUT THERE.

So, conclusion – time to innovate.