Some Twitter Twitterisms

Twitterisms – words that come from a need to make Twitter a personalized, unique experience. Some relate specifically to those spheres in which I orbit Twitter, others come from others…thanks to all for the contributions.

Twinyan – @Buberzionist asks: If ten Jews got together to pray on Twitter it would be a Twinyan

Twuttering –  @UnveilingHope explains that this term is created by combining Twitter and Stuttering – when you Tweet something twice by accident.

Twammers – you know how you hate spam? Well, twammers are spammers who spam you using Twitter!

Tweeple – people who use Twitter.

FollowFriday – #FollowFriday indicates recommendations people make to encourage you to follow their favorite Tweeple!

So – what other Twitter Twitterisms do you know?