We Are Opening a Branch in Beit Shemesh

WritePoint is opening a new branch in Beit Shemesh and we are thrilled to be able to offer several of our top courses, including the following courses.

Our Technical Writing Course sets the standard in Israel (the only one recognized by Misrad HaTamat for ongoing education) and includes:

  • Basics of technical writing – how to correctly and efficiently write user manuals, installation guides, etc. – for both hardware and software.
  • How to formulate procedures, effectively write introductions, what belongs in a document and what does not, how to present information, Outlining, etc.
  • Learning the tools you need to create documents – these include Word and FrameMaker (although most people know Word to some degree, we will be taking that knowledge to a much higher level in order to enable you to successfully create effective documentation). Graphics tools. Presentation tools and rules.
  • Learning the tools you need to take these documents online – we will focus on the theory and the practice of creating online help and single-sourcing with RoboHelp and other tools.
  • Learning a rich complement of tips and tricks – for WritePoint, it isn’t enough to teach you the basic skills. We make sure you are ready to enter the technical writing profession with smart skills that make you a value asset to a technical writing team. Resumes. Interview skills. Social Media and more.

We are offering an Opening Special for this course – AND an additional 20% off that special if we are able to start a course of 15 or more attendees in February!

We already have several people interested and/or signed up so if you ever thought technical writing was for you, now is the time to contact us and finalize your participation in our highly recommended and respected course.

Our MARCOM Communications Course is an intuitive, modular, easy-to-follow course laying the basic groundwork of Marketing Communication – providing a basis for moving into other communication fields, including:

  • Internet
  • Advertising
  • MarCom Support
  • Publishing etc.

Students will benefit from a modular approach to learning that offers case studies, real life experiences by the instructor, and assignments that help students gain hands-on knowledge while building an impressive and meaningful portfolio of examples.

We’ll also be bringing our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) course to Beit Shemesh at a huge discount – less than half of what the cost of similar courses – and in English!

ALL COURSES START in FEBRUARY – so contact us now for details.

For details or to register, contact: seminars@writepoint.com or call our office 02-571-6668. Registration is based on a short entry test and a personal interview.