War and Technical Writing

The title seems particularly appropriate now, as Israel has just fought a relatively long and difficult war. I won’t get into the politics of it – other than to say that I heard from many technical writers who found it difficult to work, to concentrate. Many were going to bomb shelters regularly during the work week as sirens sounded nearby.

For me, a lot of the war was worrying about our soldibuildingers and civilians, friends who live particularly close to Gaza and the rockets, and wondering/worrying if one of my sons would be called up to join in the fighting.

On days when I worked onsite, I often listened for sirens with one ear and the sounds of building just outside the office windows with the other.

In a lot of ways, this building symbolizes Israel and our this war. I wondered what the workers would do if there was a siren but was never around to find out the answer. But even, in the midst of war, the building continued day after day. https://www.writepoint.com/blog/war-and-technical-writing/ https://www.writepoint.com/blog/war-and-technical-writing/ https://www.writepoint.com/blog/war-and-technical-writing/Three floors went up during the war – blocking my view of the Mediterranean Sea and reminding me that this is one of the centers of hi-tech in Israel.

Faster than you can imagine, that massive building will be filled with more hi-tech companies bringing innovation and astounding inventions from Israel to the world. When things got bad here, I remembered this building.