Video Documentation with Camtasia and Captivate

Video Documentation with Camtasia and Captivate

June 17, 19 and/or 20, 2012  10:00 AM-4:30 PM
2-day course NIS1800+VAT
3-day course NIS 2300+VAT

YouTube is becoming the new Google search and videos are becoming an increasingly important way to communicate information. Video tutorials, also called video documentation or screencasts, are edited video recordings of actions on a computer screen. Learn how to make video tutorials to quickly produce quality screen recordings to tutor, demonstrate and market your product or process.   If you have expertise in any field, you can quickly make video tutorials to instruct and lead your chosen community of practice. This hands-on workshop will teach you how to use Camtasia and/or Captivate to script a video tutorial, professionally record your computer screen,  add quality narration and produce a polished screencast that tutors, shows and sells any product or process you care about.

Day 1 (June 17) is an introduction to video documentation
Day 2 (June 19) focuses on using Camtasia software
Day 3 (June 20) focuses on using Captivate software

Instructors: Avi Solomon is a technical writer working for the last 12 years in the Israeli and American high tech industries, with experience in producing quality technical documentation and leading technical writing teams for both innovative startups and established companies.

Ezriel Yellin is an experienced technical writer with specialties in technical documentation, producing online help and knowledge management. He is on the faculty of WritePoint’s signature technical writing training course.

To register or for more information, please write to or call 02-571-6668.