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Ten Tips for Using Flare

In no particular order, some tips for using Madcap Flare.

  1. When creating your documentation – think Conditions! Is your document intended for more than one type of user? Are you supporting more than one version, multiple but similar products, text that is reused? If yes, the answer may well be Conditional Text.
  2. Use multiple tables of contents – using more than one TOC enables you to organize help or printed documentation in a different order, each best suited for the intended user or output.
  3. To better control and format text, use styles, including character styles.
  4. Flare includes table styles to enable you to create one or more consistent table appearances.
  5. Snippets are a great way to include blocks of text that are already formatted and ready to be inserted anywhere.
  6. User variables for small amounts of text that need to be changed (name of product, location, setting value, etc.).
  7. Take advantage of the for-print options that enable you to configure headers and footers, add chapter numbering, and much more.
  8. The Top Navigation option enables you to create website-like outputs more easily.
  9. The new Builds pane lets you see the progress as you generate a target. You can also keep working in the project, even while the build is being compiled.
  10. If you have many project but mainly want to use one or two, consider “pinning” the project to the Start menu for easier access.