We finished our 14th course last week and just two days later, one of the students wrote to tell us that she had found a job. It doesn't get much better than that, it really doesn't. Congratulations to our new graduating students and an early welcome to our next group - starting February 6th.

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Is DITA Just for Technical Writers?

When I bought my first cellular phone back in the early 90's, it was the buy. Having a cellular phone was cool. It was prestigious. It made you look rich. It was an indicator of your social status. Only a few people, usually businessmen and women, could afford one. These days, you look weird if you don't have a cell phone. Everyone has one, even young kids. In just 20 short years,  the cell phone has turned from…

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Exciting Things Happening at WritePoint

It's nice to have a place where we can share what is happening with our company and the latest developments. For one thing - we've really moved more into the area of matching technical writers with companies needing this service. Mainly, our service differs because, once again, we've studied the competition and learned the lessons. Our new Technical and Marketing Recruiter, Dr. Rivkah Lampert Adler, has had many years of experience working in adult education and placement. We're…

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What Non-Technical Writers Can Do with DITA

In the "Pirates of Silicon Valley" movie, there's a scene when Steve Jobs is presenting Lisa, a personal computer developed by Apple, to a businessman. At the end of the presentation, the businessman asks "You say this gadget of yours is for ordinary people. What on earth would ordinary people want with computers?" As we all know, the rest is the history. In my previous post Is DITA Just for Technical Writers, I asked if DITA can follow…

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