Single-Sourcing with RoboHelp 9

I had the pleasure of presenting to the TC World India 2011 in Bangalore. Sadly, there was no real interaction with my fellow Indian technical writers, but it was nice to present to the pre-conference meeting and interesting to see the variety of sessions they have scheduled over the next two days.

For my fellow Israeli technical writers and others, I’m posting my presentation here. It covers three main areas:

  • Single-Sourcing
  • New RoboHelp 9 Features that help Single-Source
  • A Case Study – example of how RoboHelp was used

In the example, I showed how one project was created to cover the needs of three distinct users and five different outputs. RoboHelp can handle a lot more, but because I knew I would be compiling the file and I didn’t want people to have to wait, I worked to keep the size of the file as small as possible.

Here’s the presentation: