XDocs can be an ideal single-source publishing solution for technical documentation because it manages content at the component level. Built with non-technical users in mind, XDocs allows writers to focus on the craft of writing, and leave the CMS to manage the “traffic cop” aspects of routing content to its final destinations.

Integrated DITA Support

  • DITA Map Viewer
  • Integrated DITA Publisher
  • Configurable DITA Publishing
  • Other Features Fully DITA-aware

Full-featured Repository

  • Full-featured Folders and Files System
  • Repository Access on the Desktop
  • Repository Access on the Web
  • Multiple File Versions
  • Runs on Most SQL Databases
  • Maintains Version Integrity
  • Configurable for any kind of XML

Link Management

  • Unbreakable Links
  • Unbreakable History
  • Link Resolving on Import
  • Incoming Links Report
  • Soft Delete for Past Versions

Full Text Search

  • Google Style Search Entry
  • Stemming Enabled
  • Results Sorted by Relevancy
  • Text Highlighting
  • Ubiquitous Search
  • Fully-enabled Search Results

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