Today the market is full of tools that facilitate and automate storage, usage, and management of content. These tools are usually referred as Content Management Systems (CMSs) or Document Management Systems (DMSs).

The question is how to choose a CMS or DMS that fits YOUR specifics needs. Because lists of features of different products look very similar, a feature-based approach hardly helps you make the right decision.

A more effective approach, the one we use with our clients, analyzes the processes in a company and checks how these processes are supported by various tools. To learn these processes, we write business scenarios that describe the way people work with content. We write these scenarios iteratively, knowing that we will often discover (and uncover) more details with each iteration, and identify specific requirements.

The end product is a series of scenarios that describe different processes and detail requirements for what the solution is to support and how it is to be implemented. Using this approach, we can ensure that the chosen tool fits the actual needs of a company and supports its processes.