We all have our rulers that measure what satisfaction is. For me, it isn’t just completing a course but helping our graduating students find jobs, knowing that we have trained them as best we can and truthfully, better than anyone else could.

We are dedicated to our students – so much so that when a student came back to us after three years, we welcomed him back and agreed immediately to review his assignments and help him finish the course. It happens sometimes that students don’t complete the work they need to do and so we cannot give them certificates indicating that they have finished. But he made a commitment and so we made one back.

Because of our commitment to each of our students – past, present and future, we are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the contents of the course. We have added new sections on social media, DITA, and accounting. We have expanded our training session (the session where we teach about creating training materials) and so much more. Our course is unique and rather than try to copy others, we simply ask ourselves, again and again, what does today’s technical writer need to be effective, to be competitive, to succeed.

We finished our 14th course last week and just two days later, one of the students wrote to tell us that she had found a job. It doesn’t get much better than that, it really doesn’t. Congratulations to our new graduating students and an early welcome to our next group – starting February 6th.