Safe Social Media for Business Women

Safe Social Media for Business Women is being co-sponsored by Kishor and WritePoint.

Social media tools have become a mainstay of business advertising and promotion. On the other hand, they represent significant risk to personal privacy, ethical boundaries and time demands. This course is designed for those of us who need to use these tools for businesses and will teach you how to decide which tools are appropriate for your purposes, how to deal intelligently with social media in business and how to keep yourself safe and within your personal ethical boundaries online.

This series includes in-depth discussions of the four most popular social media tools – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging, plus a complimentary capstone session on creating a social media plan for your business.  The series is presented with a special emphasis on using these tools safely, appropriately and with specific attention to privacy issues.

Through case studies and with experienced instructors, you will learn how each tool differs from the others, what each tool is best used for, how to ensure your privacy online, how to integrate social media tools for increased impact and more.

Kishor members are eligible for a 10% discount on the full series (360NIS instead of 400 NIS).

Session 1: Safely Putting the Power of Facebook to Work for your Business

As of December 2010, there were 350 million people on Facebook.  By using selected Facebook features intelligently, users can learn to harness the power of this network to promote their product or business without compromising their privacy.
Wed, May 16, 2012 7-9 PM
100 ₪
Instructor: Rivkah Lambert Adler, Ph.D., Director of Training at WritePoint

Session 2: Profiting from Twitter (Without Using Your Real Name)

250,000,000 (a quarter of a billion) messages are sent on Twitter each day. Twitter allows users to reach incredible numbers of people with their message while remaining completely anonymous and avoiding halachic pitfalls.
Wed, May 23, 2012 7-9 PM
100 ₪
Instructor: Paula R. Stern, CEO of WritePoint

Session 3: LinkedIn: The Safe, Professional Network

LinkedIn is the safest, most professional networking site on the internet. LinkedIn has 135+ million members and is growing by one million new members a week.  Learn how this site, designed exclusively for professional networking, can help you expand your business network safely.
Wed, May 30, 2012 7-9 PM
100 ₪
Instructor: Rivkah Lambert Adler, Ph.D., Director of Training at WritePoint

Session 4: Sharing Your Expertise Through Blogging

Think of a blog as an online feature magazine, focused on a single subject (e.g. kosher cooking, parenting, investing, current events, crafts, health and wellness, etc.).  Blogs provide a platform for sharing your business expertise with others, enhancing your professional reputation and inviting interaction with your clients.  There are over 156 million blogs in existence. This session will teach you how to stay on topic and professional in the increasingly laconic blogging world.
Wed, Jun 6, 2012 7-9 PM
100 ₪
Instructor: Paula R. Stern, CEO of WritePoint

Session 5: Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Business

Prerequisite: attendance at all four previous sessions or familiarity with the four tools
This session is free for those who attended all four previous sessions.  In this session, we teach you to start with your own goals and decide whether social media can help you achieve them and, if so, which tools to use and how to use them safely.
Wed, Jun 13, 2012 7-9 PM
200 ₪
Instructors: Paula R. Stern, CEO of WritePoint and Rivkah Lambert Adler, Ph.D., Director of Training at WritePoint

All sessions are held in WritePoint’s training center in Har Hotzvim’s Hi-Tech Park in Jerusalem (9 Hartom – 2nd floor).  For more information, directions to our office and to register, please contact