Meet new technical writing talent and save money too

WritePoint offers the most in-depth technical writing course available in Israel – 150 hours+ of real training in the tools technical writers need – RoboHelp, FrameMaker, Word, graphics and more.

WritePoint graduates make excellent entry level employees, and with the WritePoint Graduate Internship Program (WGIP), employers can “test drive” the newest talent in the field at significant cost savings.

How does it work?

You provide a daily, on-site, three-month professional assignment in technical writing, editing, graphics, etc. for a recent WritePoint graduate.

You pay a less-than-market-value monthly salary for the three month internship period.

At your discretion, you have the option to hire the intern during or after the internship period for a reduced referral fee.

We provide an entry-level technical writer who has already been trained in all the major tools of the industry.

We provide mentoring services so there is no compromise in quality, while you benefit from tremendous cost-savings.

The WritePoint Graduate Internship Program provides employers with a cost-effective solution for meeting new talent and saving money at the same time.

If you’re interested in more details on hiring one of our newest graduates, or if you’re searching for a more seasoned technical writer, please contact me.  It would be my pleasure to help.

Rivkah Lambert Adler
Recruiter, WritePoint