Learn Marketing Communications (MarCom) with WritePoint

MARCOM (Marketing Communications)

Wednesdays 5-8 PM
March 14 – August 8, 2012
60 hours

WritePoint’s MARCOM Communications Course is an intuitive, modular, easy-to-follow course laying the basic groundwork of Marketing Communication – providing a basis for moving into other communication fields, including internet, advertising, MARCOM support, publishing etc. Students will benefit from a modular approach to learning that offers case studies, real life experiences by the instructor, and assignments that help students gain hands-on knowledge while building an impressive and meaningful portfolio of examples. Students can elect to take the full course or sign up for specific modules for their particular needs.Lead teacher is Larry Butchins, assisted by members of the WritePoint staff. 6800 NIS + VAT. Contact seminars@writepoint.com for more information or to register.