Does your resume need an Objective Statement

How to know if your resume has an objective statement that helps or harms.

I’ve written a guest post on the JobMob website. I wrote it to help job seekers formulate an effective resume that can help them gain employment in the field of their choice.

Does your resume have an Objective Statement that starts with something like, “A responsible position allowing me to fully utilize my professional skills and which provides me with an opportunity for professional advancement”?

If it does, consider that you’ve just asked a potential employer to read 20+ words that say absolutely nothing and risked having that person close your resume rather than learn what you can really do for them. My personal belief is that the fastest way to lose a job before they even read your resume, is to begin it with something like that.

When going through the job-seeking process, it is very important to understand the stages and the roles of the documents that support each stage.

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