Content Management with MS SharePoint

Whether you’re a single author or part of a team, managing your content is an important practice that ensures efficiency in your work and accuracy in your documentation. The problem is that most content management systems are very expensive and require a large learning curve. That’s where Microsoft SharePoint comes in.

Without worrying about a costly implementation or learning cycle, you can begin using SharePoint’s built-in document management features immediately. Furthermore, most organizations already have SharePoint and, if not, there are free versions available. For these reasons, SharePoint is becoming the gold standard for many business activities, including content management.

On Tuesday, December 14, our partner – ComponentOne, the developer of Doc-To-Help – is conducting a free webinar on content management with MS SharePoint. We will discuss why you should use SharePoint, what features you can take advantage of, and how Doc-To-Help integrates with it.

The webinar will be held from 4:00pm  to 5:00pm Israel time. To register, go to and complete the registration form.