WritePoint started many years ago as a virtual company. Our writers worked onsite at our clients’ offices, or in their own homes. This all changed in 2005 when WritePoint opened its first formal Training Center in Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem. More recently, we made an exciting more to the center of Jerusalem!  We are now located in the Binyan Klal shopping mall – a very old building with a lot of history…the stands on the edge of great change.

Those who come from Jerusalem or have lived here for a while, know the building has yet to live up to its potential. Some exciting new tenants (including WritePoint) are changing the face of Binyan Klal so that, hopefully soon, it will take the place it deserves in the heart of the city.

Our current offices feature a fully-equipped classroom, a secondary classroom and conference room, numerous offices, a viewing station where students can come and watch videos of sessions they missed and more. We are working hard, with several tenants, to reshape the image and reality and hope you’ll join us on what we hope will be an amazing journey. The center of Jerusalem has been rejuvenated with the light rail and we’re thrilled to be located right on the path of the light rail!

Visit our Jerusalem headquarters at:

WritePoint Ltd.

Rechov Yaffo 97, Office 308 (Level E)

Jerusalem 9434001


Office phone: 02 571-6668

Fax: 02 535-51116

To contact us via email, click here.

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