Choosing the Right Course

I’d like to encourage you all to take a look at WritePoint’s Spring and Summer classes. We have been offering training courses since 1999 and have, in all honesty, defined what technical writing, translation, and other courses should include.

Please do your research before signing up for any course. We have been teaching technical writing for more than 7 years (we are currently in the midst of our 18th and 19th courses: one in our fully-equipped training center and one being offered online for remote students), translation for more than 5 years taught by well-known and respected translators, marketing communications, social media for many years, and much more.

We have had people contact us complaining about new courses that have popped up in the last few days, last few months even a bit more. Many promise you savings, a free laptop, etc. We can only encourage you to research before signing up.

Please, be smart. Get the name of the instructor and research carefully. Has this person been teaching or are they just trying to fill a classroom at your expense? Is this person respected in the field in which they are now offering to educate you?

Find out their track record (we’ll be happy to show you ours). Check out the facilities and how they evaluate your chances of gaining employment. Go to a company that knows its strengths in the market and has helped others find employment. Speak to their graduate students! Ask questions. If someone offers you a cheap course . . . that only means you are throwing out less money if, as a result of the course, you are not able to get a job.

Attempts have been made to duplicate our classes (and many of the policies we began in the field) by a number of other “institutions” – we hope you’ll come to us to show you the difference.