Meet new technical writing talent and save money too

WritePoint offers the most in-depth technical writing course available in Israel - 150 hours+ of real training in the tools technical writers need - RoboHelp, FrameMaker, Word, graphics and more. WritePoint graduates make excellent entry level employees, and with the WritePoint Graduate Internship Program (WGIP), employers can "test drive" the newest talent in the field at significant cost savings. How does it work? You provide a daily, on-site, three-month professional assignment in technical writing, editing, graphics, etc. for…

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Exciting Things Happening at WritePoint

It's nice to have a place where we can share what is happening with our company and the latest developments. For one thing - we've really moved more into the area of matching technical writers with companies needing this service. Mainly, our service differs because, once again, we've studied the competition and learned the lessons. Our new Technical and Marketing Recruiter, Dr. Rivkah Lampert Adler, has had many years of experience working in adult education and placement. We're…

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Looking for Hi-Tech Companies

Our internship program is unique in Israel – we actually PAY our students to work. They come to you after having completed an intensive, extensive, quality course. The rate we request is below industry standard for entry-level technical writers – and we provide mentoring and feedback.

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Does your resume need an Objective Statement

How to know if your resume has an objective statement that helps or harms. I've written a guest post on the JobMob website. I wrote it to help job seekers formulate an effective resume that can help them gain employment in the field of their choice. Does your resume have an Objective Statement that starts with something like, “A responsible position allowing me to fully utilize my professional skills and which provides me with an opportunity for professional…

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