BlackBerry Tips

I’ve tried a few phones. I hated the Tytn II – It had a lot of potential – a Windows operating system, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and a really nice keyboard. But it was slow and crashed often. With great happiness I moved to the Nokia 97.

It was good, great keyboard, etc. and was much faster than the Tytn II. It wasn’t, however, cool enough for my kids and when Orange (yeah, that was a mess. See my Cellular Agony blog if you don’t know what I’m talking about) gave me the offer of a free iPhone 3G, I took it. Well, Orange didn’t live up to their promise and was quietly charging me a fortune, and the iPhone didn’t really live up to my expectations either. I didn’t like being limited to doing only one thing at a time, for example. I’m not hyperactive, at least I don’t think I am, but I do multi-task and the iPhone is not for those who need to be doing more than one thing at a time.

When we left Orange in disgust and went to Pelephone, I was again faced with the phone choice. I went with BlackBerry, and I’m not sorry. The BlackBerry is not a toy – it is truly an excellent business tool for communication and I’m really enjoying it.

I’m still learning my way around it, but finding tremendous help as I go along. I configured the BlackBerry to download email easily enough but then I got stuck. I get upwards of 1,000 emails a day. How do I delete them in a massive group?

No problem…there has to be a way. Almost 2,000 emails later, I wasn’t finding it. Social media to the rescue. Within minutes, I got three excellent responses showing me two ways:

  • Hold cap key and roll trackball to highlight and then hit delete key. Easy, simple, and effective for deleting a large group.
  • Highlight the date at the top of a box of messages. Select Delete Prior. This will delete all messages from that date and all prior dates.

Another two good tips came along as well:

So, what’s your favorite BlackBerry tip?