An Independent Study of AuthorIT vs. Flare

We’ve been working with Flare since it was first released and have helped several companies move to Flare either by using the application to create their documentation, porting their documentation for them, or by training them. We recently received this document comparing Flare to AuthorIT and received permission to reproduce it here.

In the next few posts, we’ll be reprinting this analysis as it compares these two help authoring tools.

This document highlights the advantages and disadvantages of two authoring tools—AuthorIT and Flare. As per our requirement, these two tools were identified as the candidates that [company name removed] can use as the authoring tool for Technical Publications. In this document, MadCap refers to the organization that has developed Flare. This document highlights the following points:

  • Feature wise comparison
  • Projects already implemented in AuthorIT
  • Advantages of Flare over AuthorIT
  • Cost Impact
  • Training Requirements
  • Long term benefits
  • Current gaps in AuthorIT as an authoring tool and its areas of improvement
  • ‘Live’ Case Study
  • Conclusion
Stay-tuned for each section…