Whatever your company releases to the public, whether a technical document, a marketing brochure, a website – it is a reflection of the company. A single mistake can be enough to lose a customer, a project, the respect of colleagues in the industry. That error could be one of content, one of formatting, even one of grammar at the level of a single missing or incorrect letter. Mistakes are distracting. But worse, they reflect poorly on you, your department, your company. At WritePoint, we believe firmly in the “two-eye” approach – we want a second pair of eyes to review our own outgoing documentation and we often serve as a second pair of eyes to our clients. We have clients send us their correspondence, internal memos they plan to send to their staff, and more. Each is carefully checked. Just as we know our mistakes will reflect poorly on us, we know that our customers also want us to make sure they are understood and respected by others. We have become experts at understanding the English of engineers and developers whose first language is not English. They have the knowledge, the depth of understanding, but they need our help to transform what they know into a properly formatted and worded document. Our editing skills have been recognized by many companies. We have compiled this knowledge into a course that we freely share with our students and others who come to the Training Center.

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