What’s New in 2010

We have just released Doc-To-Help 2010 v3, the third subscription update of this year! This update focuses on integration with Microsoft SharePoint, but also delivers usability enhancements. Here is what you can do with the latest release:

Manage Content with Microsoft SharePoint

Doc-To-Help’s integration with SharePoint allows you to upload your content to a SharePoint library and take advantage of SharePoint’s management and workflow features. Doc-To-Help works with SharePoint’s check in/check out features and permissions, so you get a complete source control and version control system without headaches. SharePoint is free, so why not give it a try!

Specify Exactly Where You Want Page Breaks

Doc-To-Help now gives you more options to control page breaks for print output. Specify where page breaks will fall when a specific style appears. A typical scenario is to place all Heading 1 styles on the next odd page, but you can do whatever you want. This is one more feature that ensures that you get usable print output without the need to post-format or use an additional tool.

Enjoy Continued User Experience Improvements

With every release, we throw in some enhancements that make your life better. This time, enjoy a visual indicator for bookmarks in Doc-To-Help’s editor, a new build progress bar, and a menu for inserting special characters.

Don’t Forget What Else We Have Added in 2010

We have been busy in 2010. Here is a recap of what we have released:

  • Support for Microsoft Word 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010
  • Microsoft Help Viewer output
  • Convert any RoboHelp project (HTML or Word) to XHTML
  • Improved list support in the Doc-To-Help editor (continue/restart numbering, nested lists, convert lists from Word)
  • Toolbar controls to add collapsible sections in all editing environments
  • Word count utility